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Shadowed Futures ~ AU [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Shadowed Futures ~ AU

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Fan Mail #1 [Mar. 20th, 2008|01:46 am]
Shadowed Futures ~ AU

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There was a time in every bands career when things could get a little out of hand. Really, being idolized had a price.

A part of which arrived in droves, in colors, in scents. Envelopes crammed full of Gods knew what...

There were no bombs of course, their manager was good for that at least, but he did send them plastic tubs full of the damn fan-mail. Plastic tubs that were then carefully forgotten and buried in various parts of the tour bus. At least until said parts couldn't accept any more stuffing.

Then, and only then did band members sigh, fetch a stiff drink or two, and sit down amidst the paper hell...
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(no subject) [Jan. 9th, 2007|10:07 am]
Shadowed Futures ~ AU

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It was a strange, terrible world past the gates of the mansion. For all the horror and terror inside it's walls, there was worse, far worse outside...

Or so she was learning.

It was a field trip, Xavier had said, a journey through New York to get to a charity clinic they were donating to. She didn't understand why they couldn't have driven. It wouldn't have taken as long as walking through the milling crowds, her small hands tight upon the arm of Xavier's chair as they moved.

Hunger, washing and moving as solid as any body through the crowd, stopping here and there to find focus. We need money, we need food, we need popularity, power, madness...

Who has it?

Who has it?

Take it.

Hundreds of hands and faces, all looking and hunting for something around them, stealing pieces of her attention, her mind, her soul. It left her feeling cold and empty as they walked, but she dared not run, dared not leave the single beacon of calm that was Xavier. He was her shield...

"Down here, Rachel" Xavier noted, warm and kind amidst the maelstrom as they came upon an elevator for handicap access. Obediently, she pressed the button and down they went...underground...

To a world where the thoughts and emotions echoed as much as the actual screeching noise of a moving train.

It was worse, far worse than above where there was at least sky above, beyond the buildings. Here people felt disconnected, trapped, harried. Their movements were jerkier, suspicious, dark as the tunnels that swallowed them whole...

And people kept touching her, making each thought and dark lined emotion strike like knives through an already open mind. Then, just briefly, she wasn't touched, no, she was caressed a cool hand sliding along her shoulder that made her skin twitch as her thoughts filled with blood.

Hunger yes, for scurrying life and bright, tasty morsels, all here, trapped and confused.

A hunting ground...

She didn't hear Xavier's laugh over her own childish screaming, a sound that didn't stop until they were on the subway car and she was gathered in Xavier's lap, whimpering and crying. Most the glances thrown their way were annoyed and hate fulled. There they were, taking up space where more could stand, making noise...

But to the few sympathetic, worried glances, Xavier smiled benignly "This is her first trip on the subway" that placated them it seemed. Xavier was good at that...

She was only able to walk herself when they were once more above ground, buffeted back and forth numbly by the squalor and misery of the tenement buildings they found themselves in...but it was better. So much better than below ground had been...

"We'll be returning by the same route, Rachel" Xavier laughed gently, patting her chilled hand and wheeling them forward, ever forward...
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(no subject) [Dec. 28th, 2006|07:55 am]
Shadowed Futures ~ AU

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Rachel...really should have learned not to stand up on the tour bus by now. Sure, she was stubborn, but fate had decreed that when she stood up and walked around? The bus would stop and she'd end up on the instrument cases.

That was how life worked it seemed.

She didn't bother getting up though, the cases were sturdy and she was much too busy glaring at the new bruises she'd acquired.
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Vacation [Dec. 17th, 2006|12:11 pm]
Shadowed Futures ~ AU


Rachel stood on the deck and smiled into the wind. The salt on her lips was as much a delight as the clear sky above. It didn't matter that there was the sound of children screaming and splashing in the on-board pool, or that parents watched indulgently, or eyed the schedules so they could abandon the little ones to scheduled activities.

No, it didn't matter at all, for as far as Rachel was concerned? Only three other people mattered on this ship. They were together. Even Ramon had had to agree that the band needed a vacation after the death cult bit and the ensuing slew of interviews.

A vacation, such an interesting concept, and not one they'd often managed to contemplate. They had clung to freedom, true, and to movement...but a real, normal vacation...that was new.

So...a cruise.

And almost typically? Her family, her beloved...were still asleep.
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(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2006|11:29 pm]
Shadowed Futures ~ AU

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[Following the bar fight]

Rachel ran a hand through her hair and snarled as she paced down the street. It was a silent snarl, and her hand tangled half way through the mess her hair was now...

But somehow, it was also a satisfied snarl. It had felt good, and that alone was almost enough to upset her. Almost.

"M sorry...wanted a quiet night..."
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(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2006|03:33 pm]
Shadowed Futures ~ AU

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Someone had suggested they go out while Svava was recovering from a particularly nasty vision, and the resulting stern lecture from Archie about letting him do what he's meant to, and preventing that sort of thing from happening, and so they had. The only problem was that none of them really knew this town at all, or where anything was. No shopping malls, no cinemas, some bars, though Archie eyed those with some wariness still.
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Mother's fears (Archie's mother) [Oct. 4th, 2006|10:22 am]
Shadowed Futures ~ AU
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Juliana rested her cheek against the smooth wood of her harp and sighed. "Again Archie? You know your father will not be pleased to hear you dropped your classes once more..." far from. It seemed no matter what promise or threat she could make, she could not keep her son from going astray. Running amuck on Drury lane, sneaking away from tutor and home alike for a "Garage band" practice...

The boy was simply trying. Perhaps if his father need not spend quite so much time at the office, but that was an ill thought. Boys would be boys after all, and no matter a father's presence ill would out. Ill perhaps that was her own doing, a taint in the blood that was easy to hide, true, but none the less, it led to strange thought and action upon occasion.

"I know you feel there are things that you must do, son, but please try to think! You are to follow into your father's business, and you should strive to be prepared for that! You are well past old enough to know the need for responsibility, and to know that your father has a poor heart. I myself cannot prolong his life overly long when he continues to work as he does!" she knew little else to say to her teenaged boy but the truth. It was the only weapon and hope she had, that Archie might step in to ease things upon her husband some...

Plus, one mutant to another, he was safe to show some fear to. Some...not all. She was his mother after all, she did not like to scare him. Had she not given up much of her own dreams to live as she did, caring wife and mother? Her concerts and her classes had been mere airy dreams compared to the needs of the household!

"What else can I say to you Archie that I have not said before?" only then did she finally look up from her harp to meet Archie's gaze, years of sadness in that single gaze. What else could she say indeed? She knew she was losing him, slow and sure...

Losing him to dreams and fancies. Flashy glitter and glam, hints of fame without substance...what could a mother's fears compare to that lure?
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Necessity [Oct. 3rd, 2006|04:11 am]
Shadowed Futures ~ AU
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Sometimes it was alright. A bright ray of sunlight in the darkness, no matter that this was not what she'd been promised. This was no home held by Xavier, away from his work and business that she may live in peace...

No, this was something unplanned.

Something he had not accounted for.

And that was good.

A villa on some coast or anther, full of sun and Svava's laughter between screams. A quiet place that their savior did not invade. No mansion, no, but that was a comfort in and of itself.

They were alone.

Just the sand, the sun, and them. Short a single member of their family, but she treasured the ones she could yet hold. Svava.

But sometimes it was pain. His name pounding into her mind with no relent, his words echoing in her mind as she pounding the walls in pained fury. Why? Why?...did he not love her?


He did not.

He wanted Lysaer. He wanted Svava.

And what they could do for him.

He had never loved her, just the potential in her blood. Her womb.

And Svava trusted the man who had brought them here. Cared for him.

Her daughter loved him.

And she didn't understand just how hard it was to allow him in their lives.

But for Svava, she tried. She knew that there were things yet to come, Svava could see them...

And so she tried.

"Is there anything you need?"

She glanced up, shattered mind latching onto that single request "Yes..."
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Treasure [Oct. 3rd, 2006|01:06 am]
Shadowed Futures ~ AU
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It was a very careful plan. Weeks in the making...they always had to be perfect, or else he would be caught. That he knew, and he well lived up to his granted title of Master thief. Tonight's plan simple for all it's care...slip over a few balconies in the new Plaza Hotel, eight to be exact, and open a window...

Child's play really. The hotel believed they were so very careful, only the executive suites having balconies, and so many levels above the street. After all, no thief would dare be so bold as to rent a suite himself...no, of course not...

His small smile reflected in the glass as the window lock clicked open softly. He was standing on the balcony in the small hours of the morning because of a message, intercepted discreetly and sent his way due to a few key words...Package, two pieces, exchange, non-display. In his experience, such things could be very rewarding to look into.

The thick curtains tickled slightly as he stepped into the room, darkness as thick as any fog settling around his senses. The "delivery man" had left, Avar had watched the car leave, so he risked a small penlight to pierce the darkness. What treasures would he find tonight? Jewels? Paintings? Ancient relics of some sort?

His excitement was akin to any child's exploring the woods near his home, though far more contained in his silent steps as he riffled through the desk in the main room then shrugged and opened one of the side doors. Immediately his ears filled with the warm sounds of breathing, and he froze, light cupped in his hand. This room was suppose to be empty; all his information pointed to that fact and yet...

The breathing paused. Hitching from steady and regular to whimpers. Young, tearful whimpers that served far better than any weapon to disable even a Master thief...a child. There was a child alone in the room. And if the fear and stress beginning to roll off the little one were any indication, it was a child locked in nightmare.

Treasure took a secondary place in the face of such a troubled soul. It was not wise, far from, but he could no more help himself than he could have retreated. Instead, he padded to the bed that held a curled toddler, golden haired and balled upon herself in misery. His hands were warm and gentle as they shook her awake, taking the spikes of fear and confusion as his just due for intruding on a child's sleep...

A child that whimpered once more then screamed, just once and softly before she got a look at his face. Avar tried to jerk back at the sharp noise, but the girl clung to his hand, eyes wide, troubled...and oddly hopeful. It was a strange mixture of emotion to receive from one so young. Before he knew it she had slipped to the edge of the bed and wrapped her arms around his waist, clinging as if the thief in the night were the only measure of safety she knew...

It held him spellbound for all of a minute until he heard the splashing and then running. Of course, there was a child, why would there not be another? A caretaker or parent?

A parent that arrived wrapped in a towel and sharp edged fear that swam with hints of madness. "No! Not Svava too!" she screamed, damp hands clinging to the door frame as if without it she would lose herself in the dark, creeping fear...

"I..." Avar was not often at a loss for words, but the emotional maelstrom in the room was almost enough to drown anyones thoughts, much less speech. Perhaps it was luck then that had the toddler slipped carefully away from his side and to her mother's, chubby arms wrapping around a still sudsy leg "Okay momma. Okay man. Safe!"

And the Hope twisted and stunted that it was, bloomed in the woman as well at her child's words. Or perhaps just one...Safe.

How could Avar still think of treasure when there was such desperate need here? So, the thief sank carefully onto the edge of the bed, hands open and empty in his lap "I know of a place that is safe..." he began.
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(no subject) [Sep. 18th, 2006|11:11 pm]
Shadowed Futures ~ AU

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It was NOT his fault this time! When he pushed open the door the fight was already in full swing, and the little dark man with the bright green eyes had a pool cue that he wielded with potentially deadly efficiency.

However, it was one little dark man against a room full of people screaming things like "FINALLY FIGHTING LIKE A MAN, FALLEN?" so of course Arithon waded in.

After all, they were singing his song.
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